The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity

This work, comprising a series of drawings and pochoir prints which come together in a limited edition artist’s book, is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando, a biography. Spanning over 700 years The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity weaves historical and contemporary fact with fiction and marks the pivotal point at which we now find ourselves in the face of climate change and declining biodiversity. It follows Woolf’s groundbreaking novel in drawing attention to the very moment of the present, while urging us to look to the future.

Taking the form of an imagined visual edition of the manuscript the eponymous character writes throughout the novel the artist’s book is accompanied by an introduction and notes written in collaboration with Professor Bryony Randall.

The Oak Tree: a tribute to eternity uses plants which are key in the novel and underline its biographical intention with Vita Sackville West at its core. The flora used highlights aspects of Orlando’s adventures across the centuries and symbolizes events and themes throughout the work.
The images are drawn using a writing nib to echo Orlando’s act of writing the manuscript alongside elements of pochoir printing, popular around the time of the publication of Orlando, adding colour and indicating contrasting points in the timeline.

The artist’s book is made in a limited edition of 300 copies signed and numbered by the artist.