La Geometrie Pratique

This group of works responds directly to a series of 4 volumes published in Paris in 1702 that can be found in the Old Library at Traquair House.

In a recent work The Gardens | Edinburgh Jane Hyslop referred to John Reid’s book The Scots Gard’ner of 1683 that is the first book published that deals solely with gardening in Scotland. She was fascinated by this book with its extremely practical advice on planting and weeding that is set against an insistence on planning and measuring out land. There is also a strong element of geometry included in order to create extremely regimented gardens.


La Géometrie Pratique focuses on geometry but the numerous illustrations are set out with diagrams and angles that are positioned alongside ornate images of landscapes and gardens, mazes and grand chateaux.


Hyslop took this as a starting point to make a volume of drawings that is placed in the Old Library that imagines the garden designer at Traquair initiating plans with reference to La Géometrie Pratique with 3 dimensional forms recreated in the pavilion at the rear of the house. Measuring devices sit alongside each set of work – for planning on paper and then out in the garden. The proportions set out in these devices are based around the Pied do Roi system that was used in France until the revolution.

This work was part of the Curved Stream exhibition at Traquair House, Sept - Oct 2015.

The Gardens | Edinburgh

This work was made when Jane Hyslop was an invited artist for the Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) annual exhibition held at the RSA Galleries, Edinburgh, during February 2015.

It is made up of a series of folios, books and a boxed set of objects that examines the site of the RSA Galleries alongside delving into the history of the building itself and its role as home for the Board of Manufacturers for Scotland who in the 18th century were tasked with improving Scotland’s economy by stimulating the linen industry. This led, in turn, to a development in the promotion of ‘good design’ and ultimately to the establishment of Edinburgh College of Art.

The aim of the exhibition was to re-establish VAS’s role as supporter for art and craft in Scotland with an emphasis on the conversation between these areas.

The Gardens | Edinburgh includes several folios of drawings bound in Scottish linen that explore the history of garden design in Scotland, with a particular emphasis on John Reid's book, A Scots Gard'ner, of 1683 alongside the development of the linen industry in Scotland. These are complemented by The Gardens I, a boxed set of objects that focus on Princes Street gardens in Edinburgh, their location, layout and the weeds that infiltrate the gardens.

A68 Boxed Multiple - ongoing project

2013 - present

A68 is a dynamic print project involving artists David Faithfull, Jane Hyslop and writer nick-e melville that examines the boundaries and intersections, past and present, of the historic market town of Dalkeith with a particular focus on Dalkeith Estate. All three contributors were brought up in the town, with the adjacent estate familiar to their pasts and central to the project’s heart.
The Duke’s Dyke, a wall which once completely surrounded the estate is a potent symbol, now crumbling and controversially bisected by the Dalkeith bypass – the re-classified A68, historically the main road south, which was built alongside the Roman road into Scotland.
The project’s collaborative investigations visualise the invisible, creating images and texts to depict past developments and evoke the essence of the area now and as it continues to change.



A series of folios each containing a distinct set of pen, ink and pencil drawings with found a page. 19 x 25.5 x 1cm



A catalogue containing all prints from the Herbarium Series. Includes over 30 etchings which are cut out by hand in order to to resemble herbarium specimens, then fixed to herbarium sheets and labeled.  One off piece. 28 x 38 x 6.5cm



A series of three screenprints made as a co-publication with Edinburgh Printmakers to accompany the publication 'Edinburgh, a visual handbook'. 96 x 30cm



A box with original gouache painting inset into lid used to transport and display work. 35 x 31 x 9.5cm



A boxed set of twelve drawings. One made every month to record wild plants collected from post industrial sites in Midlothian. Pen and Ink drawings on BFK Rives, 2 colophon pages, screenprinting on Somerset satin. 80 x 48 x 4cm